Why Curbing?

Elegance. Beauty. Flexibility. Durability. These are just a few words to describe our product and why you should choose Creative Curbing to install your concrete landscape edging.

Easy Installation

Concrete Landscape Edging offers a mess-free, and hassle-free installation. The concrete curb edging is installed without disturbing your existing landscaping, and the preparation couldn't be easier - we take care of everything for you!


Concrete Landscape Edging offers design flexibility. The unique process used to lay curb edging allows us to conform to your existing landscaping or to make new turns, curves, and contours. The possibilities are practically endless!


Our process allows for the creation of circles. We can create complete circles as small as 36" radius! Perfect for surrounding your favorite garden or tree.


You can choose from a wide variety of styles & colors. We offer 4 different styles: Slant style, mower style, dome style, and 4 x 6 curb style. You can even decide whether you want to install lights into your curbing. And with 40 different colors from which you can choose, you're sure to find a color that compliments your home, landscaping, and personal preference.


Concrete Landscape Edging offers you strength and durability. We reinforce our concrete with fiber mesh and a special hardening powder to help prevent cracking. You can expect your curbing to last for years to come.

Low Maintenance

Our product is virtually maintenance-free. You won't have to worry about rotting, discoloration, or rust; common problems with other edging materials such as wood, plastic, or metal. This means you won't spend time repairing broken pieces or retreating your wood. Because borders are constructed in a continuous, seamless extrusion, grasses and weeds are completely prevented from growing between or through. This means your landscaping will be easier than ever to maintain.

Increased Home Value

You can increase the value and look of your home with the help of Creative Curbing. Concrete curbing is a great way to give your house some additional value, besides who doesn't like a little sidewalk appeal?