At Creative Curbing we provide decorative concrete landscape curbing that creates a beautiful unique edge for your landscaping.


Whether you are building a new home or have an existing home, Creative Curbing has the best solution for all your landscape edging needs. Concrete landscape edging is rapidly becoming the preferred landscape edging amongst all home owners. We have thousands of happy customers. Give us a call to discus how Creative Curbing can help add curb appeal to your home landscaping project.


Small or large business owners, are you looking to enhance the look of your business landscaping? Landscape companies are you looking to form a mutual relationship with a quality concrete-landscape-edging company? Creative Curbing is the solution for both. Since 2004, Creative Curbing has worked with commercial owners, contractors and landscape companies to install high quality concrete landscape edging for their commercial projects. Give us a call to discuss how Creative Curbing can help add curb appeal to your next project.



    Free Design Consultation


    The process begins with you and your vision for your yard. Think of your dream yard and landscape design and give us a call! If you're unsure with the exact design you want, our years of service can help give you plenty of ideas!

    Marking the Ground


    We'll first mark the ground using spray paint or set a string line in the area where you want the curbing. Once the area is marked and the landowner is happy with the design we will remove any existing landscape border and cut our path.

    Removing the Grass


    Next, we use a special grass cutter to remove a 12′ strip of grass where the concrete curbing will go. We roll the grass that has been cut so that it can be used by the homeowners, or removed from the property. After the grass has been removed, a path is left in which we will install the curbing.

    Extruding the Concrete


    Next the concrete mixture is shoveled into our curbing machine, which is fitted with the curb style that you chose. Then the curbing machine extrudes a continuous piece of concrete curb in the pathway.


    Troweled Smooth


    The curbing is then troweled to a smooth finish. Before it hardens, expansion joints are cut and finished into the concrete every 30 - 36 inches to help prevent cracking.

    Stamping the Concrete


    If you wish to add a design to your curbing project then we will create it by stamping the concrete with a rubber roller.



    The final step is easy. Just kick back, relax and enjoy your new beautiful yard and landscaping, compliments of Creative Curbing.

Why Consider Curbing?

Increases Home Value

You can increase the value and look of your home with the help of Creative Curbing. Concrete curbing is a great way to give your house some additional value, besides who doesn't like a little curb appeal?

Easy Installation

Concrete Landscape Edging offers a mess-free, and hassle-free installation. The concrete curb edging is installed without disturbing your existing landscaping, and the preparation couldn't be easier - we take care of everything for you!

Low Maintenance

Our product is virtually maintenance-free. You won't have to worry about rotting, discoloration, or rust; common problems with other edging materials such as wood, plastic, or metal.