Concrete Curbing vs. Traditional Options?

Concrete Curbing vs. Traditional Options?

Creative Curbing customers are often wonder the benefits of concrete curbing vs traditional landscape edging options. Both have their own pros & cons. Let us explain briefly.

Wooden edging: Older traditional option, holds landscaping in well.

    1. Durability: Wooden edging can withstand being ran into by the lawn mower but usually only looks new for a couple years.
    2. Longevity: Unless it is pressure treated, wood edgings starts to decompose within a few years.
    3. Maintenance: Wood edging requires more overall maintenance. If it isn’t treated it needs to be painted to prevent it from decomposing and you still need to weed whip the longer grass that grows next to it. More time and effort goes into maintaining wood edging.
    4. Price: Cheap.


Bullet edging: Newer option, doesn’t hold landscaping back very well.

  1. Durability: Bullet edging is durable because of being made of concrete; however, they normally shift over time from being ran over with the mower or frost pushing them around. This can leave gaps between each bullet causing grass to grow in between.
  2. Longevity: Like concrete curbing, bullets will last a lifetime. Although, after time bullets can move out of alignment and separated at the joints.
  3. Maintenance: Due to the possibility of separation, grass can grow up between requiring the homeowner to have to pull those weeds to maintain the fresh look. Fungus can grow if not cleaned regularly.
  4. Price: Bullet edging is competitively priced relative to concrete cubing however the longevity of concrete curbing will outlast that of bullet edger’s.

Black plastic edging: Most common, doesn’t hold landscaping in very well.

  1. Durability: Black edging is not durable. One swipe with the lawn mower and it can be chewed up.
  2. Longevity: Unless the edging is staked into the ground every couple feet the edging will move out of the ground due to frost. This can happen within the first couple of years.
  3. Maintenance: If the edging wasn’t properly installed the maintenance can be endless. Whether it’s putting it back into the ground due to the frost or replacing it because you chewed it up with the mower homeowners can spend a lot of time keeping black edging looking nice.
  4. Price: Cheap

Concrete Curbing: Newest and becoming the most popular landscape edging to date. Gives a clean finished look and holds all types of landscaping in.

  1. Durability: Concrete curbing is extremely durable. It holds up well with the frost and can withstand a few bumps from the lawn mower.
  2. Longevity: Concrete curbing can last fifteen to twenty years. A simple coat of sealer every couple years can make it last a lifetime.
  3. Maintenance: Concrete edging requires very little maintenance. Due to the ability to mow right up next to the edging it virtually eliminates weed eating. A simple pass around it with a weed trimmer once every month will keep it looking new and fresh. It is made to flex with the ground so frost hardly effects it and with the ability to add cable it virtually eliminates separation.
  4. Price: If you take into consideration the minimal maintenance and the enhanced look to your home concrete curbing is price competitive with all the above options.

Creative curbing gives curb appeal and increases the value of your home.